Mission Statement

I love reading manga and watching anime. There are many and more reputed sources of news and knowledgeable reviewers than what I can offer. I feel that I can contribute a little bit to the big pool of different review blogs.

This is my mission statement:

  • I intend to review what I like
  • I will only review what I purchase and what is already on my shelves
  • There will be reviews for yaoi/BL titles, be forewarned
  • I will write about what I know
  • I will not regurgitate news and what I mention will be only as a fan
  • I am not affiliated with any publisher
  • The majority of what I will review will be manga

I was affiliated with a yaoi scanlation group and I have an idea of how they generally work. From time to time I may compare a release to its scanlated counterpart just for kicks if it’s available.


About Azu

Fan of many things, cat owner, lazy, opinionated, and eternally broke.
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