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Most people prefer to hold a book to read manga. I’m used to reading scanlations on a computer screen and making the jump to reading on an iPad was easy. I’m so used to reading on my iPad that one time I tried to flip the page of a book by tapping the right side of the page.

These are the mediums I use to read manga and watch anime, along with the various accounts I have to access them digitally:

  • Desktop computer with Amazon Kindle app and web browser (Google Chrome)
  • iPad with Viz Media, Yen Press, Kodansha Comics, DMP Store, Amazon Kindle, Tezuka Osamu Library, Dark Horse, and Crunchyroll apps
  • Android phone with Amazon Kindle and Crunchyroll apps

I have paid accounts with:

  • Amazon Prime
  • FUNimation
  • Crunchyroll
  • JManga
  • e-Manga
  • Viz Media
  • Kodansha Comics

FUNimation is in the process of working on an iOS app. I’m looking forward to that. I’ll update this post as I acquire more methods for reading manga and watching anime.

P.S.: I have an account with the Square-Enix manga store, but they want you to pay with pixie dust and I’m all out. I’m not including them in this list since I haven’t purchased any of their digital titles. I hope they change their way and method for payment in the future.


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