News Round-Up


After taking a poll on the subject, SuBLime will continue to offer only PayPayl/Amazon checkout for purchase of its digital books. The comments section reveals that it would be too costly for SuBLime to add a cart in addition to the current checkout system, which allows for only one item per purchase.

SuBLime also started a Tumblr account this week and has been answering reader questions about such topics as honorifics and how SuBLime determined its name.

Digitial Manga Publishing (DMP)

The Yaoi Prose newsletter contained the following statement: Digital Manga, the most prolific publisher of yaoi manga, stated that they are will not be reprinting out of print titles. “As we continue our transition to a more digitally driven business, Digital Manga, Inc. will only perform limited printing of all of our future yaoi titles and cease from restocking printed versions of the titles that have already been released.” Be sure to cite the Yaoi Press newsletter as the source of this Big Yaoi News!!!

Also, DMP announced on its blog today that it is halting print books of all imprints but the H project until June, 2013, so that it can concentrate on its digital publications. The titles are not canceled, but rescheduled, and can be found on the new schedule in the blog post.

Yaoi Prose

Finally, Yaoi Prose announced on its Twitter feed that new book Dog of Aclon wasn’t showing up in searches at Amazon. A little testing revealed that the title only came up in a search when I was logged in to my Amazon account. The cover pushes the nudity envelope, so it’s possible that the title has been filtered so that it can only be seen when logged in to Amazon, but that’s just conjecture.

It seemed like a big (mostly bad) news week, but worth digesting in one place. Hope it helps in some way!

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3 Responses to News Round-Up

  1. Kris says:

    Well it looks like we’ll have only one yaoi publisher in print yet again! I am sooooo cheesed off by this. I realize that yaoi is a niche but you have super loyal fans (like myself, of course) yet we always get thrown to the wayside any time there is trouble (you notice that they aren’t halting any Project H titles now are you!) Sorry for venting my frustrations but there isn’t really much we can do is there.

    • aoi_aka says:

      I compared them to Drama Queen. :truth:

      • eviloverlore says:

        No, there isn’t much we can do. And I love how everyone jumped to the (correct, in my opinion) conclusion that DMP is in financial trouble, because it didn’t go so far as to explicitly state its reasons for putting print on hold. I think what bothers me most is that DMP couldn’t just come out and add one line to the blog post like, “We’re in the financial woods and need to take 6 months off print publishing to shore up our finances.”

        Honestly, I don’t think DMP will suffer quite as much as it did during its unannounced hiatus in….2008-2009, I think. There’s the back catalog of physical books that will continue to sell (although newer books are likely sold out or will be soon because of low print runs) and the digital arm is a new steady source of income, so it should recover if the 6 months is really enough time and it isn’t too far behind in bills.

        It’s either that or Yaoi Con really did bring DMP to its knees and it’s in big trouble.

        I think a light comparison to Drama Queen is warranted because this is the second hiatus this company has had to go through. The big difference is that DMP has come back from hiatus to full working order, and it has a real chance at doing it again.

        I didn’t buy the digital books before and a hiatus isn’t going to drive me to them. It makes me sad that I won’t be seeing any new DMP work for 8 months, but we all have to draw our lines that we won’t cross over. Delving into digital manga is my line.

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