Your Favorite Is Problematic

Hi, everybody!

Azu here. Or as I used to go by, aoi_aka, aoi.aka, or something equally embarrassing now.

I got the crazy idea to start a series for this blog called “Your Favorite Is Problematic” and it’s exactly what it says on the title.

The objective is to take a title, anime or manga, and point out the obvious issues that make it problematic from my point of view.

There isn’t a schedule and the titles I’ll talk about are dependent on what I’m watching or reading at the time. So it could be the hottest title of the season or an oldie that time forgot.

My criteria? My point of view is Western and feminist. To be fair, what I find problematic, may not be an issue for others. Some of the usual tropes are:

  • misogyny
  • non-consent
  • too much tits and ass
  • abuse (physical, emotional, psychological)

Of course this is not a comprehensive list. I do keep getting surprised by things. I read Sun Ken Rock by Boichi and it has all of the above points. It was a tough read, and for sure it was a problematic manga, but I wanted to read it to the end to find for myself how Ken’s and Yumi’s stories ended. To this day I don’t regret that decision.

Hope to see you soon!




About Azu

Fan of many things, lazy, opinionated, and eternally broke.
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